Your spiritual seeking won’t change your life until you quit drinking.

Kay Allison
2 min readJan 31, 2022
Om. More Wine. Om.

My family went to church multiple times every week. Sunday morning. Sunday evening. And Wednesdays, too, for good measure.

I went to the church’s elementary school where I got gold stars (literally!) for memorizing Bible verses and the books of the Bible in order.

The brand of Christianity my parents participated in forbade smoking and drinking, playing cards, seeing movies and dancing.

I’m not sure if it’s ironic or predictable that I abused alcohol.

As a grownup, I explored any spiritual practice that involved chanting in Sanskrit. Zen Buddhism. Siddha Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga.

I got up and meditated at 5am. I went to silent retreats. I practiced yoga for 90 minutes every day.

I’d feel great, spacious and at one with life in my meditations.

And outside of those practices, my life was messy.

My ex-husband and I quarreled about our kids and everything else. My career had stalled. And the quality of the men I dated was on a steep decline. A very, very steep decline.

When I stopped drinking, my spiritual principles grounded into solid ground and began to infiltrate and change my life.